Meet Chapter Coordinators

Manoj Khabe

Chapter Coordinator: Sharda Sheshabhattar

I am an IT Professional, currently work as Lead Technical Program Manager in MasterCard. I have always been passionate about music, dance, arts and entertainment media. I have done voluntary work as a Radio Jockey and it helped me discover the joy of connecting to a variety of people. During the same time, I started associating myself with the cultural events organised by the Princeton Chapter and I realized the huge imbalance in the World between the haves and the have nots. My eyes opened up to a World, where kids have been struggling to meet their basic needs, where Education is luxury and I felt very pained and dejected. I started developing a strong desire to do something towards improving the condition of the underprivileged kids in the World. While I very well know that I single handedly cannot move mountains, but I am confident, that my little efforts will add to the great cause that Asha For Education stands for.
After working for more than 5 years at Princeton Chapter and organizing many events, I decided to start a new chapter with a team of very smart, intelligent and highly motivated folks.This includes kids and adults from this part of the World, where I live, which is precisely New Jersey.
So, that is the history behind the NYC/NJ Chapter of Asha For Education, which is a 100% volunteer-driven non-profit organization dedicated to catalyzing socio-economic change in India through the education of underprivileged children.
Today – we are a small team of Volunteers and we sincerely hope to spread the essence of Asha For Education over the coming months and years and grow into a larger family that can make a visible difference in the lives of underprivileged children of India.
I invite you all to Come and be a part of our family. You can contribute in many different forms and remember no act of charity is ever too big or too small – A common misconception about charity donations is that they need to be fairly significant in order to make a difference. However, this is not the case. Even the smallest of donations can end up going a long way towards helping out someone less fortunate than us;

Please connect with us via email ( to learn how you could contribute.


Project Coordinator: Girish Ramaswamy

I currently work in the healthcare industry after finishing my Masters and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Alabama at Birmingham and postdoctoral research at UPenn. I strongly believe that, in such an unequal world, people and communities have to start taking care of themselves and take accountability of their lives instead of depending on others. And the best way for them to do that is to get an education. I was lucky enough to get a solid education because my parents were able to afford it. But millions of underprivileged children do not get the same opportunity that I got as a kid. So, I joined Asha for Education to help such kids get that opportunity and enable them to drive their lives towards a better tomorrow.

I am the chapter coordinator of the NYC / NJ chapter where we are currently funding 2 projects. Please see more details here: link to our projects page.

Please connect with us via email ( to learn how you could contribute.


Treasurer: Manali Singhal

My name is Manali Singhal. I completed my Masters in Quantitative Finance from Rutgers University and am now working as a Quantitative Consultant in EY. I have started my journey with Asha this year and I look forward to help in every possible way to enable underprivileged children receive quality education. Please connect with us via email ( to learn how you can contribute.

Sharda Sheshabhattar

Event Coordinator: Ruta Sankhe

I work in the pharmaceutical industry. I recently joined as Fundraising Coordinator for the NYC/NJ chapter. I have worked as a volunteer since beginning of this year and have been amazed with the passion and coordination seen within the team. Both the adults and teen volunteers are dynamic set of people who are working towards a very noble cause and their enthusiasm has invited me to accept this new role within the team. I look forward to work with this team and new members as you all join. Remember no contribution in too small as it may be with time, skills , involvement in various projects or monetary.
Please connect with us via email ( to learn how you could contribute.

Marketing Coordinators: Pankaj Warade & Manoj Khabe

I am a Medical Doctor and my wife, Bindu works as an IT consultant. We have volunteered for charity organizations since our college days. We always enjoyed organizing fundraising and marketing events for charitable causes. We both are equally passionate about the cause, Asha for education stands for – the education of underprivileged children of India. I welcome you to be a part of our dynamic team of volunteers that makes this mission possible. Please connect with us via email ( to learn how you could contribute.

Chinmaya S Dixit

Web Administrator: Chinmaya S Dixit

I am an IT professional and a novice learner, currently working as an Android Application Developer and also managing Asha for Education NYC/NJ Chapter’s website. Please connect with us via email ( to learn how you could contribute.