Nishtha Night Shelter Project

Nishtha Night Shelter is an endeavor of Asha’s in order to provide education to counter the necessity for sex working and prostitution in the form of financial aid for schooling facilities.

Project Focus and Location:

  • Sex trafficking and children of sex workers
    WEST BENGAL  700144

Background Information:

  • Within the rural area of Baikunthapur, West Bengal, several women are forced into sexual labor and prostitution to provide for families. The state and situation of these woman is easily categorizable as inhumane.
  • There is no mainstream education to counter the sex trade within that area.

Goals of the Nishtha Project:

  • Provide financial aid in order to prevent sex trafficking and prostitution.
  • Construct institutional facilities to assist the children of women who are forced to resort to prostitution.
  • Empower women within the village to evade businesses of sex trafficking and prostitution.

This Chapter’s Influence:

  • This chapter has recently annexed themselves in the support of the Nishta Night Project. Recently, a vote between executive members of the ASHA NYC/NJ Chapter resulted in a decision of assistance to this project. This decision led to a monetary donation in favor of the project. This donation will lead to the creation of learning facilities, and will help to overturn the tide of sexual trafficking and prostitution within this are of West Bengal.

Complete Project Information:

Click here to view the full project information, donation history, as well as a donation link as well. With a little help from everyone, we can easily surpass this endeavor!

For more information Contact:
Sharda Sheshabhattar @ 732-491-7555  or visit




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This voting decision is organized by the NYC/NJ Chapter of Asha for Education.

All net proceeds go towards education projects for underprivileged children in India.