Rules of Participation

  • Competition is open from October 11th to October 31st
  • Each participant must pay an entry free of $20
  • We will make a Whatsapp group chat so you can send us the miles you have walked
  • First person to walk 30 miles wins.
  • 1st place will receive their registration money back, second place will receive $10, and 3rd place will receive $5.
  • In order to submit miles to the competition, please submit photo proof of your walk/run to the Whatsapp Groupchat, Miles can be tracked on your smartphone or smartwatch with apps such as Strava, Nike Run Club, and more.
  • Winners will be announced on November 8th and will get certificates

Registration Link For Participants
Participant Registration Link should be filled out with participant registration fee at https://donate.ashanet.org/event/?e=1398


Contact: Sharda Sheshabhattar @ 732-491-7555; Manoj Khabe @ 571-426-4200

All Guests are requested to Register now to ensure FREE Tee-shirt.

Vendors/Sponsors,  Information and  any other details Please Contact:
Sharda Sheshabhattar @732-491-7555
Manoj Khabe @ 571-426-4200
Or Email newyorkcity@ashanet.org


For more information Contact:
Sharda Sheshabhattar @ 732-491-7555  or Manoj Khabe @ 571-426-4200

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This fundraising event is organized by the NewYorkCity Chapter of Asha for Education.

All net proceeds go towards education projects for underprivileged children in India.[/cs_column]